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The Prices below are a guide, based on the majority of cases. They are based on a regular 6 weekly clean that has other work nearby.

Outside Windows Premium Clean - All glass, frames and door panels will be cleaned each time

Please feel free to get in touch and we will get back to with a more specific quote as soon as possible. 


*One-off jobs will incur extra charge and regular customers are given priority.

1-3 Bed Bungalows/1-2 Bed Houses Windows

Premium Clean £20

3-4 Bed House Windows

Premium Clean £25

4-5 Bed House Windows

Premium Clean £35

Gutter Clearance

2 Storie 2/3 Bed House per length/side


Inside Gutter Clear Out £25

Outside gutters and facias £25

(Discount can be applied if along with gutter clearance)

To avoid gutter flow issues, we recommend yearly gutter clearance 

minimum £60 per clean (most properties can be cleared for this minimum)

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